Back to School Excitement!

How was your first day back-to-school?

Back-to-School week is generally exciting and full of surprises. On the first Tuesday back to school for faculty and staff, the East Coast experienced a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. Not something most Virginia Beach teachers have experienced. The floor rippled under my feet, my desk swayed, and the window blinds clacked together. Everyone had “what was THAT?”  looks on their faces, immediately followed with, “Was that an EARTHQUAKE?”   None the less, the school was clean, posters were up, books were on desks — the school was ready for students to come back by Wednesday afternoon.

By Thursday afternoon, faculty and staff were packing books and computers in plastic, picking everything up off the floor, turning off electricity, and wishing to go to their own homes to prepare for a possible hit by Hurricane Irene. One block from the Atlantic Ocean, the school was cancelled for Friday and Monday (the students’ first day back).

I am happy to write that power outages and damages were minimal. Back-to-School for students went well. They were excited to help unwrap and unpack. Just in case we felt a little too complacent, we lost electricity on Friday. No one blinked an eye; the students were old hands by now. Our first week back with students was exciting and full of surprises.


Hurricane Irene damages Virginia Beach Fishing Pier located one block from school.

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School’s Out for Summer!

School’s Out for Summer!
Maybe not the nicest song, but I loved it when I was a young student.  Yea!! School has closed for the summer break. Thank you to all who have helped the Class of 2020 Wonders to get off the ground and running!  We LOVE comments.  Comments help to make us better readers and posting helps us to become better writers.  While my student’s are relaxing at the beach, bike riding, camping, etc.  I hope to, maybe, lessen the remorse of summer’s end and back to school by researching new technology tools and resources to “pump up” the curriculum with technology integration ideas come Fall 2011.  Check back with our class blog in the fall as we enter the fourth grade.  We will have a lot of summer news to share!


Blogging with Mrs. Kreb’s Class

Mrs. Kreb’s 7th grade class visited our student blogs today. They created a video about their experience and posted it on Teacher Tube. This is such a neat video that we wanted to share it with our parents. It is very exciting to have older students comment to our blogs. When we get back to school from Easter Break, we plan to comment back to Mrs. Kreb’s class and thank them for their comments.

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Notice to Parents & Visitors

Welcome to our third grade ”Class of 2020 Wonders” classroom blog.  We are excited and can’t wait for our parents to leave us a comment on our blog.  We have been working very hard getting this project up and running.  We have had inclement weather days and holidays, so we’ve missed a few classes. 

 Our class has discussed our privacy and online safety rules when communicating globally.  We ask that all visitors please read our Blogging Guidelines & Rules BEFORE posting comments.  When  everyone follows the Blogging Guidelines & Rules, it helps to reinforce and encourage our students to stay safe online.
Here We Are!

Here We Are!


–Visitors and bloggers will use FIRST names only when posting a comment.
–Visitors should not post identifying information about themselves or a student. This includes: last name, address, phone number, passwords or personal plans.
–Visitors should use proper etiquette and leave only polite and constructive comments.
–All comments are monitored. Comments will not be posted until reviewed. 

Hello world!

Welcome to our third grade “Class of 2020 Wonders” classroom blog.  We are experimenting & learning as we go along.  Here you’ll find class projects, short stories, school news, etc.  We hope you enjoy our posts!

The creation of this class blog is partly in response to the Edublogs’ Teacher Challenge professional development opportunity.  For quite some time I’ve wanted to start a blog with some my students.  The easiest part of the first week’s challenge was deciding to learn how to create a class blog with my students.  The hardest part was choosing a template design and class banner that best illustarted the class’ character.  Too many choices (a good thing)!  So bear with us as we learn how to create an awesome class blog!